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                  Eberly: Laboratory Safety EBERLY COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES
                  LABORATORY SAFETY

                  Work safely.
                  Teach safety.

                  Our primary safety mission is to instill a culture of safety among all faculty, staff, and students who work in laboratories in the Eberly College.

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                  Within the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, safety is our first priority in our academic and research laboratories. All individuals must accept responsibility for safe work practices in their laboratories and work areas. We must have an unwavering commitment to follow all applicable safety rules and policies and to ensure that our science buildings provide safe and healthy environments in which to teach, learn, and conduct research. A safe laboratory can prevent injury, improve productivity and ensure that personnel are not exposed to hazardous materials.

                  It is with a keen sense of responsibility that we prepare our students for their careers in laboratory settings in academia, industry, government, law enforcement and the health sciences. We realize that what our students learn about safety in our laboratories will have a significant impact on all of the people who will share their work environments in the future.

                  Thank you for making safety and safe work practices a priority in your laboratories and work areas. Please contact me if you should have questions about laboratory safety. I look forward to speaking with you about your safety issues.

                  Barbara Foster
                  College Safety Officer
                  Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

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